Electroserv further expands UKAS accreditation schedule

Electroserv has again expanded their UKAS accreditation schedule to allow them to perform accredited pressure calibrations, in the range -1 bar to 600 bar, at customer premises.

The extension to the current UKAS accreditation schedule gives Electroserv customers peace of mind knowing that the calibrations performed by Electroserv at their premises have been assessed by UKAS to ensure conformity to ISO/EN17025:2017. Organisations that have been granted UKAS accreditation have demonstrated their traceability to national and international standards.

Electroserv is annually assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability in performing calibration activities. In order to achieve the extension Electroserv had the following strict criteria which needed to be met in order to achieve the extension:

  • Have appropriate procedures in place to perform the calibration.
  • Have appropriate uncertainty budgets to cover the range of proposed pressure instruments.
  • Have equipment that was both accurate and stable enough to perform the calibrations.
  • Have appropriately trained and competent personnel to perform the calibrations.
  • Be able to perform the calibration, to procedure, with appropriate equipment.

Our full UKAS accreditation schedule can be found here.

Philip Andrew, Calibration and Accreditation Manager at Electroserv, said:

“This is fantastic news for our customers. It means that when the customer is assessed by their bodies they can be sure the results reported are correct and therefore they will not fail an assessment because of calibration results.”

Simon Fisher, Managing Director at Electroserv, added:

“We are committed to continually investing into Electroserv and this further UKAS expansion forms part of our growth plans. The team have worked really hard to achieve this extension.”

UKAS standard Accredited calibration is recommended for highly critical processes and applications where high accuracy is required and where the customer is required to meet the requirements of quality systems or industrial specifications and standards.

Electroserv provides calibration solutions for sensors, transmitters, control equipment, panel instruments, process instruments and test equipment on-site at the customers premises or in Electroserv’s calibration laboratories.

Cost effective traceable calibration services are also offered, suitable for lower criticality/ accuracy requirement applications and processes. Traceability to national standards is evidencable through the calibration records of Electroserv’s calibrated test equipment.
Electroserv can offer a choice of calibration services for a range of instrumentation and measurement technologies, including temperature, pressure, electrical, flow, humidity, analytical and more. All instrumentation supplied by Electroserv can be supplied with a certificate of calibration.

For full details of our calibration services visit https://www.electroserv.co.uk/services/calibration/, use the online chat function on our website or email sales@electroserv.co.uk or to speak to a member of our team call 01625 618526.

Published On: 30 January 2024