Statiflo makes waves with Scottish Water deal

Engineering company Statiflo is making waves with a new deal to supply equipment to the water and wastewater treatment industry in Scotland.

Statiflo has been appointed as the single supplier of static pipe and channel mixers to Scottish Water and its contractors and partners in the latest phase of a long-running framework agreement.

The Scottish Water Framework Agreement for the Supply & Delivery of Inline Static Mixers in Pipes and Channels has been extended until May 2027, when it next comes up for renewal. The framework was established in 2009 and Statiflo has had a place on it for the entire duration.

Ron Cordon, the company’s technical sales manager, said: “Single supplier agreements are rare in the water industry, so to secure one with Scottish Water is a great achievement for our team.

“We’ve worked closely with Scottish Water, its contractors and consultants since its creation over 20 years ago to supply static pipe mixers, channel mixers, gas dispersion systems and other associated technologies.

“Being awarded single supplier status reinforces our position as a world-leading manufacturer in this industry, underlining how highly our products and service levels are regarded by end users, contractors and consultants.

“It’s a real boost for the company, especially as water treatment is one of our most important industries. We supply every major UK water company, and have done for a long time.”

Ron added: “The agreement will see Statiflo continue to supply pipe and channel static mixers for critical operations such as pH control, coagulation and disinfection, among others.

“Along with this, with recent legislation requiring lower phosphate levels in sewage treatment discharge, we are also continuing to supply our market-leading range of non-ragging wastewater mixers which have a free-flowing design that improves mixing in wastewater treatment and prevents blocking.”

Statiflo, which has its headquarters in Macclesfield, Cheshire, is a world leader in the design and distribution of static mixers, gas dispersion systems and other chemical process equipment.

Scottish Water supports more than 2.5 million households and over 150,000 business premises across Scotland. It delivers over 1.4bn litres of clear, fresh drinking water every day.

It has over 230 water treatment works. Each day, it removes over 900 million litres of waste water which it treats, recovers resources from and returns safely to the environment.

Statiflo exports to more than 80 countries and supplies the water and waste water treatment industries, oil and gas, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper sectors. Its static mixers are highly-efficient, straightforward to use and require no spares or servicing, as they have no moving parts.

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Published On: 6 July 2021