Synergy Recruitment launches new podcast series

Macclesfield-based Synergy Recruitment has launched a new podcast series to share their latest thinking on the recruitment industry alongside helpful hints and tips for employers. The pandemic has caused many changes to how people are recruiting and the needs of candidates. Synergy’s latest podcasts focus on ‘2021 recruitment predictions’ and ‘How to recruit with quality’.

Synergy Recruitment’s purpose is to find complete synergy between employer and candidate. Founders Marie Williams-Spalding and Yasmin Bentley have a strong focus on finding the perfect match of skills and personality. Synergy recruits candidates for office-based roles from junior to senior positions across industries in Cheshire.

Talking about one of Synergy’s latest podcasts on ‘2021 recruitment predictions’, Marie Williams-Spalding, Co-founder and Director, Synergy Recruitment commented “There is now finally a light at the end of the tunnel with the world looking like it could be returning to normal in the not-so-distant future. The past year has changed so much, and the recruitment industry is no exception. In our podcast we discuss some of the changes that we see happening in 2021 and what businesses will need to focus on to recruit the best candidates.”

Speaking about another podcast in the series on ‘How to recruit with quality’, Yasmin Bentley Co-founder and Director, Synergy Recruitment said “When recruiting, it’s common to get a whole heap of applications for a role. Some traditional recruitment agencies focus on qualifications and quantity, sending over as many CVs as possible, that fit the job description. But we challenge that and take a different approach by sending a smaller number of quality candidates. Our podcast explores how and why we do this and the benefit to the employer and candidate.”

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Published On: 1 June 2021