Town Council finalises Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan

Following a public forum, Macclesfield Town Council has updated its recovery plan to help support the town centre in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Town Council’s Working Group held a public forum via Zoom on the 21st January to give stakeholders in Macclesfield town centre’s economic recovery the opportunity to discuss planned actions and a draft plan set out by the local government. Local councillors were joined by a wide-ranging mix of attendees, including residents, local business owner and representatives from the VCSE sector and arts and cultural institutions.

The finalised report sets out the next-steps for delivering on Macclesfield Town Centre’s recovery, which focuses on:

  • realising the potential of the town centre
  • short-term actions to support immediate effects of the pandemic on businesses
  • action towards longer-term ambitions, such as reducing local unemployment and acting on climate change.
  • improving communications to promote Macclesfield town centre
  • placing people at the heart of economic regeneration, rather than property and the public realm.

It is hoped that by affecting change in the town centre, there will be wider economic benefits to the whole of Macclesfield and surrounding communities.

Co-Chair of the Working Group, Cllr Janet Jackson said:

This week has seen a significant milestone passed in this vital project to regenerate the town centre of Macclesfield; the updated version of the Town Centre Recovery Plan.  The success is testament to the enduring commitment of the working group, which has brought together key partners to deliver a single vision for the future of Macclesfield and the COVID-19 recovery” 

The Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan was compiled by a working group including representatives from Cheshire East and Macclesfield Town councils, Make It Macclesfield, Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Community and Voluntary Services Cheshire East and the Silk Heritage Trust, as well as contributions from residents and businesses in the community.

The full plan is available to download here.

Published On: 17 February 2021